Who is Irrsinnig Menschlich e.V. - Non-profit association for mental health

Our Approach

We work towards reducing stigma as it is the main obstacle to improving mental health. Our main focus here is to raise awareness and end public and structural discrimination.

Cooperating With Us

The combination of information, education and contact with members of the stigmatised group (in our case individuals with lived experience of mental illness) proves to be a promising anti-stigma strategy.

  • We use the settings approach—in school, vocational training, higher education and sports. It is our aim to change settings as well as individual behaviour.
  • We develop and offer prevention programmes for students, teachers and school management staff, for stakeholders from the fields of health, care, youth welfare and education, for students and staff in higher education institutions, and also for trainees and professional trainers.
  • We easily verbalise taboo topics, we open doors and encourage participants and institutions to continue to create a needs-oriented environment.
  • In accordance with the participatory approach, we always work with teams consisting of both a professionally and a personally qualified expert. The professional experts come from the fields of prevention, health promotion and psychosocial care. The personal experts have experienced and recovered from mental crises.
  • We work in accordance with the basic principles of mental health literacy (MHL) and promote help-seeking behaviour at various levels: we support young individuals and certain professional groups like teachers, school social workers and professionals working in child and youth welfare services.
Our strategy

»Why reinvent the wheel when there is something excellent like ‘Mental? So What!’? Irrsinnig Menschlich’s (Madly Human) approach is very practical and close to young people’s lives. The programmes inspire young people much more than theoretical lectures about life.«

Janka Hurová, CEO of Integra o.z., Michalovce, Slovakia, Partner of the »Mental? So What!« programme

Your Contact Persons

Manuela Richter-Werling

Dr. Manuela Richter-Werling

Founder and Managing Director

Norbert Göller

Norbert Göller

Business Development