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Our Progammes

Our programmes have been awarded and externally evaluated many times. In 2023, in collaboration with 139 partners in Germany and the world, we reached 62,345 (young) people in schools, vocational training, higher education, volunteer services and sports.

Our Programmes
Pressebilder - Crazy? So what! - School day
Our Approach

We work towards reducing stigma as it is the main obstacle to improving mental health. Our main focus here is to raise awareness and end public and structural discrimination.

Our Approach
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Who We Are

We at Irrsinnig Menschlich, known in English as Madly Human, have been motivating young people with our prevention programmes for over 20 years. We seek to better understand mental crises and mental illnesses, and to reduce the stigma, anxieties and prejudices associated with mental crises, as well as to boost confidence, to spread knowledge and to outline coping strategies, while at the same time improving attitudes, promoting a readiness to seek help and fostering resilience.

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For Good Mental Health in Young People

Our international non-profit organisation based in Leipzig, Germany, is committed to cross-sectoral work in the fields of education (school, vocational training, higher education, sports) and health (prevention, provision). Our core competence lies in developing and testing as well as implementing and scaling universal prevention programmes for young people, working alongside our partners to achieve this aim. Our scaling partners are Ashoka / Changemakers United and the Responsible Leaders Network of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt.  

Cooperating With Us

Interested in cooperating with us? The support we offer consists of five phases leading to local implementation of one of our programmes. We are particularly fond on adapting our concept to your country’s cultural context and considering your organisation’s specific needs.

Cooperating With Us

»You have a well-thought-through and proven model which addresses a need that is not commonly addressed. Your method makes sense and has a good and psychologically sound theoretical framework. It is not complicated despite being well-grounded in theory and not difficult for professionals to grasp and work with. International networks are very useful for learning and research, and we want to join with like-minded people to share knowledge and methods.«

Dympna Cunnane, CEO of Our Time, London, Specialised editing of our »Mental? So What!« English-language manual

Your Contact Persons

Caroline Lyle – Geschäftsführerin bei Irrsinnig Menschlich e.V.

Caroline Lyle

Managing Director

Norbert Göller – Geschäftsfeldentwicklung bei Irrsinnig Menschlich e.V.

Norbert Göller

Business Development